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Making poop go away

We have a passion for poop.

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Poop Smells Bad

We have a simple goal at Poop Brothers-to turn your dog's poop into money for us.  We will then use the money for goods and services that 13&14 year old kids buy.  And maybe save some for college or something.

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What we do

We pick up poop and throw it away.  Pretty much that's it.  If you need something gross done like mowing your grass, maybe we can help you find someone.


Poop pickup with a Smile

Always Prepared

Our parents told us to do what we love.  We love to poop and we love to pick up your poop.

We have plans where we visit weekly or twice weekly.  No extra charge for massive St. Bernard poops.  $10/week for weekly visits, $16/week for twice weekly.  $1/extra/visit for each extra dog (or person-we don't judge)

Sawyer Stallard PhD poop science, Dante Thomas Esq, and Beckett Stallard MS poopology.

Poop identification

Some companies can't tell the difference between flowers and poo.  We have studied the intricacies of poop and promise only to remove the poop and not your deck furniture or grill.

We promise to never sell your poop to outside vendors or marketers.  

The hard jobs


Not everyone is willing to get their head stuck in a toilet seat.  But we are.  This may not be relevant to picking up poop in your yard, but it shows that we were made for this business.  And maybe no other business.

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Dante picked up the poop in one try.  I was amazed at how the poop was sitting in the yard and the next second it was in the bag.  He clearly has a passion for his work.

John Q. Customer

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World class poop removal

I'm the one on the right (bag of poop on left)

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